What is “PROTOPIA”?

Protopia is a term first attributed to as Kevin Kelly, former executive editor of Wired Magazine: "Protopia is a state that is better today than yesterday, although it might be only a little better. Protopia is much harder to visualize. Because a protopia contains as many new problems as new benefits, this complex interaction of working and broken is very hard to predict."

Almost a year and a half ago, I began contributing articles to a futurist publication. I’m going to admit up front, I’m not sure my heart was in it. There were a few personal life issues that caused a lack of enthusiasm on my end, but ultimately I delivered the content that was requested from me. Beyond that, after submitting my third piece, I began really looking forward to future contributions.

That is, until earlier this week.

For whatever reason, the editor informed me that my contributions would no longer be needed (maybe because I asked if we could discuss potential/eventual compensation).

Once I crawled myself out of the lows of rejection, I began some soul-searching. Here’s what I found:

In regards to futurism, I’ve developed a lot of mixed feelings over the last few years. After the release of BladeRunner2049, and subsequent ‘cyberpunk’ films/shows/books/games/etc, I’ve been less and less interested in that flavor of futurism.

Dystopic visions of the future have rung a bit too close to home in the current political climate we live in. We’re constantly bombarded by neo-fascism, inevitable climate collapse, and a pop-culture narrative that we should expect everything to fall apart and get much, much worst before it gets any better. I refuse to accept this particular brand of futurism without a fight.

So, bridging my hunger to share my opinion and perspective about the future, and with a drive to do so in an optimistic, constructive way, I’ve begun developing a project called Protopia.

Whether or not it becomes something real is something I’m not certain of yet, but I’m willing to try. Additionally, I’m looking for (paid) collaborators who also want to share perspectives from their experiences, and how people around them are working to make the world a less shitty place to live in.

I hope to share more on this project in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest.